Lake Bled, Slovenia: Churches, Castles, and Nature


Lake Bled, Slovenia is a town full of charm and plenty of activities for the whole family. We drove to Lake Bled from Lake Hallstatt, Austria and arrived on a sunny afternoon, just in time to check in to our hotel. Well, we didn’t actually get a hotel room, we rented a house off Air B&B with a local Slovenian family. They had several homes next to each other where the uncle, father, and grandfather lived and an empty home that they rented out. It was a peaceful place with a balcony that overlooked a small stream with rolling hills and the mountains in the distance. The weather was perfect, 80’s during the day and cool 50’s at night. We were only a five minute walk from the lake and enjoyed walking the 3 miles around several times.


You can’t visit Lake Bled without taking a trip to the church on the island where you can ring the bell and it’s said to bring you good luck. You rent your own boat or hire one of the traditional oresman to row you across in one of the traditional wooden boats. Rowing boats is more than just a job, it’s a profession that is handed down for generations.


The most iconic photos of this little town have the castle and the church in them. You can easily visit the castle on top of the hill and spend the day overlooking the lake and drinking in the sunshine. We ended up skipping the castle and going to the Vintgar Gorge instead, we had saw some other castles in Austria so we decided to go with something different.



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