Vintgar Gorge, Slovenia


Arriving at Vintgar Gorge is fairly easy and only about a 10 minute drive from Lake Bled, it’s a fun drive too. Drive through cute neighborhoods on the narrow, winding roads and you will be rewarded with a small parking lot and a tiny office where you pay your meager 4 euros to enter the gorge. You start by walking along a narrow path next to the river, walk down some stairs and you start down the board walk that they have built onto the side of the gorge. The moment you enter the gorge the temperature drops about 10 degrees and you can feel the cool air permeating off the river as it quickly flows by.


The walk is only a couple of miles, but it takes about an hour or so to walk to the end. We stopped plenty to take pictures and marvel at how cold the water is. At the end of the gorge there is a beautiful waterfall and a small convenience store where you can buy ice cream to reward yourself after the “long” hike. There are some other trails you can take to explore the area, we took a small trail up a hill and were not disappointed.



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