Venezuela Safari: Los Llanos, Venezuela


This photo was actually taken by a friend of mine, I am on top of the car facing to the left. We spent the entire day on top of this van driving through some of the worst roads I have ever been on going roughly 5 mph due to so many potholes. The sun was setting and we couldn’t help but take advantage of the beautiful oranges and yellows. After the sun completely fell, we laid there on top of the van and watched as millions of stars flickered across the big, black sky. I was amazed by how many stars there could be, I remember feeling so small in such a large world. I thought about my family, my boyfriend back home, and wondered if they too were looking at the same stars. Some of my most profound memories reside in the months that I spent traveling Venezuela.



  1. Graham Stephen · December 9, 2014

    wonderful silhouette!


  2. Indah Susanti · February 12, 2015

    Beautiful picture! I wonder about Venezuela’s safety for traveler. How did you find during your trip? Maybe I miss the post in your blog, if you can let me know, I will read it. I would love to visit Venezuela someday..


    • nightingalecreativedesign · February 12, 2015

      When I visited it was right before the elections happened and Chavez was still in power. Then it was ‘relatively’ safe, however, now it is a completely different story. I still keep in contact with friends from there and they have told me many things. They are unable to find toilet paper, basic medicines, milk, and many other basic essential items. I would not advise visiting the country now, they preparing for another election, National Assembly, and today actually commemorates the year anniversary of the student riots that resulted in 43 dead and over 3,000 detained. This being said, the people are fantastic, amazing, caring, and so many other things. I loved it with all my heart and hopefully once the unrest settles I will return, I highly suggest visiting.

      Thank you for the idea on the blog post! I hadn’t thought about it, but now I feel inspired to write about what is happening there and I will let you know once I’ve finished it.

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