How I Almost Lost My Car to the Ocean


A few years ago, I believe in 2009, my boyfriend and I went camping in Port Aransas, TX when Hurricane Ike hit the Gulf Coast. I had been wanting to go to the beach, being from MN I needed my yearly beach trip, and I insisted on going this particular weekend because it was Labor Day and we had an extra day off. My boyfriend refused to go so, I simply told him I was going whether he wanted to come or not. Needless to say, he ended up coming. As we drove into town all the stores were boarded up, the gas stations closed, and the beach completely empty. We set up camp and enjoyed our time alone with a strong breeze nearly blowing our tent out of the sand.


In the middle of the last night we woke up to water seeping into our tent. We had to move it to the sand dunes, which is actually not the best idea because of snakes that live within the grassy areas. This particular photo is not the best quality; however, it really shows how the water started taking over. At this point a kind gentleman had safely towed my car out of the water to safe ground near the entrance to the beach. Tow trucks and police won’t go and rescue your vehicle on the beach so, we were lucky that there was someone who comes out and checks the beach to make sure people like us aren’t stuck on the beach.


After my car was towed to a safe distance we had the luxury of watching the hurricane hit the coast and see the sun rise over the ocean. It was still dark when my car was towed so we walked up the beach a little and decided to rinse off in the outdoor showers and watch the sun rise. The sun poked out from behind the clouds in rays of orange, red, and pink creating beautiful patterns that bounced off the huge waves. I thoroughly enjoyed this moment, the warm water rushing over my face, the strong salty wind brushing against my body. I felt such a sense of calm amongst the crashing waves and howling wind.



As the sun came out in full force the water started to rise and almost covered the posts that mark the farthest point that you can park on the beach. These posts are probably 2-3 feet tall, the tide was coming in quickly. The water started to make it’s way up the road that leads to the beach, where my car had been safely parked until that moment. My boyfriend finally convinced me it was time to go, we really had to leave before the ocean overtook my car and we were stuck in Port Aransas. I always feel sad when I leave the beach, like a part of me has been left behind. Even since I was young I have felt a deep connection to the ocean; I first saw the ocean when I was seven years old. Ever since that trip to Alaska (we drove from Minnesota), I have done everything I can to spend time on the beach. Even if it is ‘just the beach in Texas’. I will never forget the weekend that I almost lost my car to the sea during Hurricane Ike.



  1. Indah Susanti · February 8, 2015

    Glad you were fine! What an experience and so nice that there were kind people who gave their helps when needed…beautiful images 🙂


    • nightingalecreativedesign · February 10, 2015

      Thank you! Yes, I find more and more that traveling really renews my faith in people. There are so many wonderful, nice, helpful people out there and it’s just amazing. Thank you for stopping by!


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